From Seed to Sale

Our Services 

Indoor grow ops

We work with clients in the following areas:

– determine desired size and scope of grow operation, including zoning suitability

– Assist with application process for all required licenses and permits

– Comprehensive plan for all compliance

– Market analysis, potential for recreational (when applicable)

– Recommended floor plans, lighting, hydration; grow tech recommendations, fertilization/growth enhancement

– Security, Staffing, Background checks

– “Trim” handling/storage/processing/sale to 3rd parties

Outdoor grow ops

Soil analysis

Processing facility design and implementation

Industrial scale extraction technologies

Global seed brokerage

Retail outlets/Dispensaries

– Business setup, POS systems, CPI, technology, communications

– Security: Lighting, cameras, IT networks, schematics, staff procedures, panic buttons/emergency communications, fire security, maintenance/testing, incident management/emergency response, suspicious activity protocols, cash security, inventory security, data security, product storage, training manuals, staff ID

– State Certifications (as needed) for management and staff

– Product transportation (as needed) – compliant w/local regs, entry/exit documentation, customer MMJ card verification

Indoors or out, an integrated plan

– Testing and verification of MMJ to mandated purity/dosage standards. We ensure your operation has testing protocols in place, with verification schedules, for Heavy metals, Microbiological, Pesticide

residues (3rd party outdoor grows), and Mycotoxins.

– An overall QA plan for plant products, oils, and edible goods

– Packaging, Display cabinets, Inventory control, Verification systems (MMJ cardholders)

– Operational procedures/manuals, HIPPA compliance, State legal overview – training

– Environmental impact study to State requirements along with all supporting documents for regulatory reporting

– Assessment of community impact and how patient needs will be met

– And finally, we can help you estimate of income/expenses, for the 1st year, for internal and compliance purposes

We also offer:

Patient advocacy, both Legislative and Medical

Advisory of upcoming legal issues at national, state and local levels,

Turn-key real estate development services for growing operations (outdoor/indoor)

Business development, banking, and technology consulting for grow and retail operations.

“Expert witnesses” for court cases

Who is Our Customer?

Any private company/consortium seeking to set up grow and/or retail operations anywhere in the world

Outside investment groups seeking opportunity in particular states or countries.

Any national, state, or municipal government that has questions or concerns regarding current or upcoming laws, rules or pending legislation or litigation, regarding the establishment of grow operations and/or retail outlets in areas under their jurisdiction.

Law firms seeking expert witnesses.